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Vintage Swiz "DC Space" Flyer

 Swiz were a hardcore band from Washington, DC founded in 1987. Singer Shawn Brown was kicked out of Dag Nasty and so he formed a new band with guitarist Jason Farrell, bassist Nathan Larson, and drummer Alex Daniels. The band was a bit of a return to form for harDCore, embracing the more traditional aspects of the city's sound while still putting their own spin on it. Swiz released three EPs on various labels and two LPs on Amanda MacKaye and Eli Janney's Sammich Records before they split up in the mid 90s. The band reunited once in the mid 2010s, but the members remain active in other bands such as Red Hare and the reunited Dag Nasty. This original Swiz flyer, in excellent condition, is from a show with Medulla Oblongata on February 21 at the DC Space.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long