Kinky Wednesday

We’ve got a bunch of fresh finds in from a West Coast jaunt. A slew of Kinks records, yes the ones you never see in record stores- the classics from their prolific mid to late ’60s era. In with this same collection are some other British classics including the Purple Hearts, a Japanese pressing of Elvis Costello’s “My Aim Is True” LP, and a couple records (and, believe it or not, an ORIGINAL tour shirt) from the Clash.

On the clothing front we’ve been fleshing out our clothes for the ladies with many amazing picks. We’ve got boxy-cut silk blouses, designer dresses and smart and sassy blazers. We’ve also got some vintage Schott leather jackets; the ones that they charge close to a grand for at the up market boutiques.

Yes, we do have some new rock t-shirts, vintage Champion blue bar era gear and some slick new satin snap-front jackets, too.

As long as it’s old, unique, cool or freaky, we will keep searching, finding, and bringing it to you.