More Metal From Hell’s Headbangers!

The newest batch of death and black metal from around the world.

NUNSLAUGHTER – Hells Unholy Fire (12″ Gatefold LP w/ Poster)

Comes in a Gatefold cover with a large 18″ x 24″ poster of the cover artwork. Blasphemy and disgrace from the MASTERS of raw Satanic DEVIL METAL DEATH!!! Burning the flame of True Satanic Death Metal in the spirit of Possessed, Hellhammer & Venom since 1987! Their long out of print debut album from 2000 now re-issued with improved layout (still retaining the original artwork). If you’re not familiar with NunSlaughter you know NOTHING about Death Metal!

PSEUDOGOD – Deathwomb Catechesis (12″ LP w/ Booklet)

Boundless morbidity, bestial churn, grinding disease, otherworldly dread: these are the hallmarks of Russian terrorists PSEUDOGOD, who’ve quickly decimated the extreme Satanic BlackDeath scene over the past few years to become one of the most-hailed bands around. And that horrible splendor will shine even further with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, “Deathwomb Catechesis.” Evoking its namesake as well as a host of other nameless horrors, this work of art drives deep into the mysteries of death, dragging the helpless listen along as their sepulchral black/death conjures its spell. Prepare, then, to enter PSEUDOGOD’s deathwomb!

MONGREL’S CROSS – The Sins of Aquarius (12″ LP)

“One of the most solid, heavy, legit death metal releases of the year!”

Hot on the heels of their Whoresanna EP, Australian hooligans MONGRELS CROSS deliver their highly anticipated debut album, The Sins of Aquarius. Seven anthems of chaotic-yet-poised black/death barbarity, The Sins of Aquarius spans filthy thrashing, downtempo warmarches, and epic metal grandeur alike, with a powerful panache and strong songwriting to the fore. MONGRELS CROSS throw down the gauntlet and spit on all pretenders – behold The Sins of Aquarius! Recommended for diehards of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, BESTIAL MOCKERY, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, and UNCREATION’S DAWN

SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING – At The Mercy Of Satan (12″ LP)

Little is known about SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING and their “At the Mercy of Satan” debut. It could’ve been recorded in during the ‘90s, or it could’ve been recorded nine minutes ago. The only info known is that the band hails from Bolivia, and their album is a pulsating furnace of virulent violence. Worshipping at the altar of classic Impaled Nazarene, SATANIC BLOOSPRAYING create a ritualistic whirlwind as hellish and humid as their South American stomping ground: within, the listener is merely “At the Mercy of Satan”!

PORTAL – Swarth (12″ Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

The latest work of death metal psychosis from Australia_s PORTAL, úSwarthî is the death metal release that invokes the end of the world and is Portal_s most surreal, disturbing, and irregular offering to date.

The approach to Portal_s style of death metal has always treaded the fine line between sheer madness and the intricately artful. Cinematic in scope, like a death metal interpretation of The Cabinet Of Dr. Cagliari or the death metal soundtrack to an ancient silent arthouse flick gone terribly awry, Portal have pretty much transcended the interpretation of what death metal should portray, and simply inverted and twisted it to no end. Even moreso on “Swarth”.

Almost serving as the missing link between Portal_s previous abominations (namely úSeepiaî and úOutreî), úSwarthî continues to bring the band_s aesthetic to new disturbing levels of unease. Musically, úSwarthî is very labyrinth-like, very claustrophobic and suffocating where twisted counterpoint and scathing dissonance merge with earth scraping atmosphere to unveil the inevitable rising chaos.

And as usual, with every Portal release, what is surely to divide and polarize death metal enthusiasts who either realize the substance, depth, and genius that Portal portray and the ones who simply cannot comprehend or understand the enigma that is Portal. And those who continue to be indifferent and can_t seem to form any kind of opinion or expression because Portal_s music is so fucked, uneasy, and just wrong in a way that it continues to push and tear the boundaries of extremity within death metal like no other band can through the filth, mire, and the utter crawling chaos that unearths itself through each chapter that creates a Portal release as a whole. Nonetheless, no death metal band has created such debate and dialogue as Portal have, and surely with úSwarthî, such debate and dialogue will no doubt continue, confuse, and perplex. Nonetheless, this is how Portal’s music, in a way, thrives.

MIDNIGHT – Complete And Total Hell (12″ Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

Can’t get enough of MIDNIGHT’s trademark “Lust, Filth, and Sleaze” after last year’s worldwide smash “Satanic Royalty”? Then submit to “Complete and Total Hell”! Exactly what it says on the tin, the exhaustive, 21-track “Complete and Total Hell” collects all of MIDNIGHT’s entire pre-“Satanic Royalty” back catalog, much of it long out-of-print and highly sought-after. Hear where Black Heavy Metal first became law, when MIDNIGHT began their subjugation of all subjects at the very start of their Satanically royal reign: the cult is alive and well with MIDNIGHT!

EVIL INCARNATE – Blood Of The Saints (12″ Gatefold LP)

First time on Vinyl! Compiles all of their late 90’s demos. All-out war against god and his entire following of christian pigs! Inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DEATH, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, CELTIC FROST with brutal blasts and mid-tempo breaks pounded out in the name of the darkest angel!! Considerably the bands best material! Features restored cover artwork and expanded layout different from the 1999 CD pressing.