Vintage ZZ Top "Degüello" Trucker Hat

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ZZ Top basically became the band that we know and love in 1979 with the release of Degüello. And by that we mean that that is when the Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill grew out their now world famous beards. It's hard to imagine them without them now, but what's more important than their looks is their music. This vintage ZZ Top trucker hat features a patch from the Degüello album. The brim is cracked and the snaps are barely holding on, but this hat is extremely cool because it actually belonged to the band's road manager from that era. Imagine all the ZZ Top shows this hat has seen up close and personal! This would make for a great display item for any big ZZ Top fan. 

Tag states its an L/XL

Brand: Reynolds

Made in U.S.A.