Vintage Youth Of Today "Break Down The Walls" Wishingwell Records T-Shirt

Youth of Today were a straight edge hardcore band from the late 1980s, the most important of their generation. YOT, which was led by singer Ray Cappo and guitarist John Porcell, codified the aesthetic of what straight edge hardcore was and would continue to be, even to the present day. It began with their debut 7" Cant Close My Eyes in 1985 but was cemented with their debut LP in 1986, Break Down The Walls. Originally released by Wishingwell Records and later reissued by the band's own Revelation Records, it was as genre defying as it was genre defining: it was steeped in US hardcore lore in a time when hardcore was going in more metallic directions. To celebrate the album's release, the Dubar bros at Wishingwell put together a new shirt. In their typical style, it had print on every possible surface. The label logo on one sleeve, "Wake Up And Live" on the other, their iconic X fist logo on the front, and a live pic on the back. This became the template for hardcore shirts that is even followed into the modern day. The shirt has become one of the most iconic shirts in all of hardcore for its bold color palette, simple and effective design, and, of course, its rarity. This four-sided BDTW tee is a certified, authenticated original, not one of the recent bootlegs being passed off as the real deal. Buy with confidence. This original Youth Of Today shirt, in excellent condition, is from the band's album Break Down The Walls

Dimensions: 20.50" Wide by 24" Long 

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