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Vintage Wrangler "124MJ" Denim Jacket

Wrangler traces their history back to the late 19th century to the Hudson Overall Company. They changed their name to Wrangler in 1943 after several iterations, but the seemingly-new company had decades of experience under their belts. And when the brand became more and more famous, they referenced those earlier, simpler days from when they were new to American work wear. Like their denim jackets. The 124MJ was introduced in the mid 60s but harkened back to the early Wrangler days. It had left hand twill, zig zag stitching, the W pocket stitching, and more. The jacket was iconic, being worn by John Lennon and Robert Redford. This vintage Wrangler 124MJ denim jacket is nicely worn and faded with marks and spots throughout. 

Dimensions: 23" Wide by 24" Long 24.50" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: 44

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Wrangler