Vintage Wrangler "Big Ben" Forest Green Work Pants 31 X 30

Wrangler traces their history back to the late 19th century to the Hudson Overall Company. They changed their name to Wrangler in 1943 after several iterations, but the seemingly-new company had decades of experience under their belts. And when the brand became more and more famous, they referenced those earlier, simpler days from when they were new to American work wear. One instance was the Big Ben pants, a reference to the Big Ben overall company who actually bought an early iteration of the company and were later immortalized through the Super Big Ben Overalls. These vintage 31 X 30 Wrangler Big Ben work pants, deadstock in excellent condition, are both stylish and dependable just like any great piece of work wear. 

Dimensions: 30" Waist by 28.75" Inseam 40.50" Overall Length 8.50" Leg Opening 

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Brand: Wrangler