Vintage Nascar The Winston "Coca-Cola World 600 Winn-Dixie 300" Ringer Shirt

In the 1985, two important NASCAR races were held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC: the Coca-Cola World 600 and the Winn-Dixie 300. The Coca-Cola World 600, which only went by that name that year (it was the World 600 before and has changed names again since) was won by #11 Darell Walltrip, stopping Bill Elliot's $1 million cash bonus, while the Winn-Dixie 300 was won by #15 Tim Richmond, his first career win. This original ringer tee, in great condition, commemorates both the Coca-Cola World 600 and the Winn-Dixie 300 in one great shirt.

Dimensions: 17" Wide by 23" Long 

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