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Vintage White Zombie + Red Hot Chili Peppers Sticker Lot

White Zombie are an industrial metal band and Red Hot Chili Peppers are a funk rock band. White Zombie were formed in New York in 1985 while RHCP was formed in LA in 1983. The two bands existed in very different worlds and scenes. White Zombie were a little bit scarier and the Chi Peps were a little more fun. But if you're a real music fan from back in the day, or one with vintage taste, you'll surely love them both, not even in spite of but because of their differences. And if you love both bands you'll want to show it off by putting their stickers everywhere, on your car, bike helmet, bedroom door, or laptop. This vintage sticker lot features original stickers from White Zombie and Red Hot Chili Peppers from the 90s, all in great condition. 

Dimensions: 4" Wide by 4" Long