Vintage Webb & Wolfe Sporting Goods “#18” Basketball Kit

Basketball is, of course, a team sport. There are five players working together to put the ball in the hoop and stop the other team from doing the exact same thing. Though even though you are part of an ensemble, you still stand out. Every person matters. Off the court you are still your own unique person, too. And what better way to represent that than a unique and rare piece of basketball memorabilia. It shows you're a part of the team but it lets you show off your own personal style. The jersey has a deep neck and skinny shoulders, and the shorts are skimpy, just like the good olde days. You can try your best to look like Dr. J or Wilt Chamberlain. Or you can show your fandom for great #18's from years gone by, like John Rudometkin or Leo Mogus. This vintage Webb & Wolfe Sporting Goods basketball kit, with a few repairs and imperfections which are displayed in the photos, came from an old sporting goods store in beautiful York, PA. Make the team without even trying out. 

Dimensions: 16.50" Wide by 25" Long 

Tag Size: 36

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Webb & Wolfe