Vintage Virgin Megastore "Staff" Zip-up

In 1979, Richard Branson, businessman and astronaut, launched the Virgin Megastore in England. The idea was simple: have as much music as humanly possible in one single location. The store eventually grew to the point where they had hundreds of locations all across the world. It was a magical place filled with everything you can want. Me personally, I have a few anecdotes from various Megastores. I bought my first Bad Brains CD at a Florida location, I bought a Justice League CD at the same location a few years later, and when I was a child I visited the New York location and saw Sinbad with an enormous stack of CDs. Sadly, many have shut down in the modern era. This vintage Virgin Megastore zip up, in excellent condition, can help you relive your glory days as a staff member or help you imagine what it was like. 

Dimensions: 26.25" Wide by 27.25" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Canada

Brand: Roots