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Vintage Uniform Choice Scream "Fender's Long Beach" Flyer

On November 6, Uniform Choice, Scream, Half Off, and No For An Answer played at the legendary Fender's in Long Beach, CA. Scream were on tour from Washington, DC, while the rest of the bands were somewhat local. UC, Half Off, and NFAA were all from Orange County, an area of sprawling suburbs just outside of Los Angeles. UC were the biggest and best band of the crop, hence why they headlined this massive show. They were one of the earliest bands to do a DC-influenced style heavy on the straight edge messaging, and they helped create and then popularize their own scene in Southern California. NFAA were one of the bands that spawned out of that new scene, while Half Off were formed in response to the scene but still indebted to it. Whether you were at the show or wish you were, there's no better way to celebrate it than hanging up a vintage flyer from it. This original show flyer, in great condition with some slight yellowing and some old creases that have been worn out through time, is from the November 6th show at Fender's with Uniform Choice, Scream, Half off, and No For An Answer. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long