Vintage Type O Negative "October Rust" The Drab Four Longsleeve Shirt

Type O Negative was a metal band from Brooklyn, NY founded in 1989 by Carnivore's bassist and vocalist Peter Steele, guitarist Kenny Hickey, drummer Sal Abruscato, and fellow Carnivore member keyboardist Josh Silver. Type O played a morose yet catchy style of metal that clearly resonated with listeners, as they released both Gold- and Platinum-certified albums. One of those Gold albums was 1995's October Rust, the band's fourth full length. Like all of the band's albums, it was produced by Steele and Silver. It featured a practical joke as an intro, a Neil Young Cover, and showcased the Type O's humorous and heavy style. The band ended in 2010 after the tragic death of Peter Steele. This original three-sided Type O Negative shirt, nicely worn and faded in great condition, features the album art fromOctober Rust

Dimensions: 21.75" Wide by 29.25" Long 22.25" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Cressena