Vintage Trousers Up “Bridge” Open Collar Rayon Shirt

If I were in a focus group and they asked me my opinion on the name "Trousers Up" for a new clothing company, I would have to voice my opinion negatively. "If you're making shirts, why put trousers in the brand's name?" I'd ask. "Why not Shirts Up?" The facilitator would jot down what I said, other people would stare at me. I would scoff at the idea, thinking I proved them wrong with my thoughtful rhetorical question. But then, when I saw the shirt on the rack, the button up, an open collar shirt with the beautiful painted scene with the sky and accompanying car in monochromatic Yves Klein blue, I would have no choice but to eat my words and take it right up to the register and purchase it. The name is still nonsensical, but the shirt's design is so awe-inspiring that I start to make excuses. "It's called Trousers Up because they are implying grace and class, you have to pull your pants up and tuck these shirts in, it's almost a requirement. They're so elegant and tasteful," I'd say. You don't have to make excuses, though. You can enjoy it all for yourself, learning from my mistakes. Both the name and the shirt are great. This vintage Trousers Up shirt, deadstock in excellent condition, features a beautiful bridge scene. 

100% Rayon shirt

Dimensions: 18.25" Wide by 25" Long 

Tag Size: S

Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan

Brand: Trousers Up