Vintage The Stalker "Urge Overkill" ANTI-Fanzine Issues 1-6

Urge Overkill is a band from Chicago, IL founded in 1986. They came up from the underground and found their way to major label success in the early 90s, releasing three albums in Geffen. While they found some mainstream success, there were two fans in particular from their hometown that found the band so deplorable that they had to tell other people about it. Miss B and Miss K started releasing The Stalkeranti-fanzine, circulating 5,000 issues of Urge Overkill hate every month. In addition to writing about how much they thought Urge Overkill sucked, the editors also went to their shows and disrupted them with megaphones, mocked them on stilts, and even got in physical altercations with the band. These first six issues of the anti-Urge Overkill The Stalker fanzine are in great condition.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 1" Long 

Page Count: 

Editor: Miss B & Miss K

From: Chicago, IL

Year: 1994-1996

Binding: Folded