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Vintage The Return Of U.N.L.V. "Trend Setters" Promotional Poster

New Orelans' U.N.L.V released The Return Of U.N.L.V. on Blazin South Records in 2001. They had previously released four records on Cash Money Records, the popular NOLA rap label. At the time, though, Cash Money didn't have any distribution nationally, so the records were only available locally. They still garnered a following regardless, and when Cash Money got popular they also reissued their early records, a move that ended in a law suit some time later. U.N.L.V. came back with this 2001 record though to retake their rightful place. This original U.N.L.V. poster, with wear on corner and edges as well as some rips on the left side, is from the 2001 release of The Return Of U.N.L.V

Dimensions: 18" Wide by 24" Long