Vintage The Promise Ring "Jade Tree" T-Shirt

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The Promise Ring were an emo band from Milwaukee, WI founded in 1995. Singer Davey von Bohlen started the band while he was already doing Cap'n Jazz, another midwest emo band which originally existed concurrently with Promise Ring. Cap'n Jazz broke up in the middle of a tour and then Promise Ring started in earnest. They released a split with Texas Is The Reason and signed to Jade Tree and then quickly released their debut LP, 30° Everywhere. The band released three more albums during their time together, including 1997's Nothing Feels Good, before splitting up in 2002. Since then, the band has gotten back together on several occasions but hasn't recored any new music. They are regarded as one of the best and most important emo bands of the late 90s, helping codify the sound and style of a scene that took the nation by storm. This original Promise Ring shirt from the 1990s is in great condition with light wear. 

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 28.25" Long 8.5" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in El Salvador

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Cotton