Vintage The Pretenders "USA '80" T-Shirt

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Chrissie Hynde had played with several bands after moving to the UK from Akron, OH, but it wasn't until she started The Pretenders in 1978 that things really started to take off. Two years into their career and they already had chart-topping singles in UK and US. Their self-titled debut album, which was released in the last days of 1979 in the UK and in the first week of 1980 in the US, was another huge success. The band started touring and, despite many member changes, basically haven't stopped since. Now, The Pretenders are regarded as one of the best. They are Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame inductees who are still touring and releasing music. This original Pretenders shirt, nicely faded in great condition, is from the band's 1980 US tour from the very start of their long career. 

Dimensions: 18.50" Wide by 24.25" Long 

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