Vintage The Path Of Resistance "Victory Records" T-Shirt

The Path Of Resistance was a straight edge hardcore band formed as a necessary side project to Earth Crisis. Earth Crisis, the vegan straight edge outfit from Syracuse, got in a van accident and were unable to play for some time, as drummer Dennis Merrick was injured. Thus a kind of Syracuse super group was formed, with three singers — EC's Karl Buechner, DJ Rose, and Kris Wiechmann — and an EC-centric backing band, Path wrote and recorded their debut album in a month. It become Who Dares Wins and was released by Victory in 1997. They played a few shows but faded into obscurity almost as quickly as they came together as Earth Crisis got back together. They eventually did reunite to play a few more shows and record another album, 2006's Can't Stop The Truth. This vintage Path Of Resistance shirt, heavily faded in great condition, is an original tee from the short-lived Syracuse hardcore band. 

Dimensions: 24.25" Wide by 27.25" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Delta