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Vintage The Offenders "Studio 29 January 8, 1983" Control Rat X Flyer

The Offenders were a hardcore band from Austin, TX. Founded in 1978, they were part of the first wave of Austin hardcore bands alongside Big Boys, Dicks, MDC, and more. Offenders played a blistering fast style of hardcore that was super tight and serious. During their time together, they released two EPs and two LPs before calling it a day in 1986. Their debut LP, We Must Rebel, was released in 1983 on R Radical Records. This original Offenders flyer, in great condition with general wear including discoloration and edge wear, is from their show with Burn Center and White Communion at Studio 29 on January 8, 1983, the same year they released their debut LP.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long