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Vintage The New Deal Skateboards "Logo" Snapback

The New Deal is a skateboard company founded in 1990. The brand was started by pro skaters Andy Howell, Steve Douglas, and former Schmitt Stix owner "Professor" Paul Schmitt and focused on creating new boards for a new era of (mostly) street skateboarding. They employed a great aesthetic sense and sponsored some of the best riders, like Ed Templeton and Mike Vallely, and quickly rose to be one of the most prominent companies in all of skateboarding, especially with videos like Useless Wooden Toysand 1281. However, they fell off just as quickly as the came up, closing up shop in 1992. More recently, the brand was brought back to recreate some of those early iconic boards. This original New Deal hat from the 90s, nicely worn in great condition, is a great piece of vintage skate memorabilia and features the brand's classic logo.

One Size Fits All

Made in Taiwan