Vintage The Move "Beautiful Daughter" T-Shirt

The Move were a British rock band founded in 1965. While they ran concurrent with the British Invasion and had success in their home country, the band never found much success in the US. They released their debut album, a psychedelic hard rock record, in 1968. Shortly after, Jeff Lynne joined the band as rhythm guitar to bandleader Roy Wood's lead guitar. This lineup would record three more albums before ultimately disbanding in 1972. Lynne and Wood then went on to form the rock band Electric Light Orchestra. This vintage The Move shirt, lightly worn, is from the early 70s and features a promotional pic of the group. 

Dimensions: 18.50" Wide by 25.75" Long 

Tag Size: L (42-44)

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: N/A