Vintage The Misfits "Horror Business" T-Shirt

The Misfits are a punk hardcore band from Lodi, NJ founded in 1977. They famously pulled influence from 50s horror movies and rock n roll to create some of the most memorable songs and graphics in punk history. Horror Business was the band's third single, released in 1979 by singer Glenn Danzig's own Plan 9 Records, and featured the title track, "Teenagers From Mars" (from the aborted Static Age record) and "Children In Heat." The record cover notably featured the band's famous mascot, The Crimson Ghost, for the first time. They broke up in 1983 but later reformed with a sans-Danzig lineup in 1995 after Jerry Only and Doyle reached a settlement to be able to reuse the name. In 2016, the original lineup reunited and have continued to play together to the current day. This vintage Misfits shirt, heavily worn and bleached, features the amazing art from the band's 1979 Horror Business single. 

Dimensions: 23.75" Wide by 25.75" Long 

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