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Vintage The Kinks "Preserve" T-Shirt

The Kinks were a British rock band founded in in 1963. They found early success with their single "You Really Got Me," which became a hit song and would help cement the sound of new the style of rock and roll. Led by the Davies brothers Ray and Dave, the band would go on to have a three-decade long career filled with hit records and and enormous following. They released over 20 albums during their time together, ultimately splitting up in 1996. They are still regarded as one of the most important British bands of all time, for their own contributions and also for the long list of bands they inspired, from The Ramones to Oasis. This vintage Kinks shirt, in great condition with storage wear on the shoulder areas, is from the 70s. 

Dimensions: 19.25" Wide by 21.25" Long 

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