Vintage The Icemen "Rest In Peace" T-Shirt

The Icemen were a hardcore band from New York, NY. The band, which was led by guitarist Marco Abularach with a lineup rounded by Noah Evans on bass and Mackie Jayson of the Cro-Mags on drums, was founded during the first era of hardcore in New York, playing their first show in 1983, but didn't become fully realized until the end of the next era which is when Carl "The Mosher" Griffin began singing. It was Carl who gave them a voice on their most notable recording, their Rest In Peace 7". The EP was released by Blackout! in 1991, nearly a decade into the band's career. It sounded like old New York but also sounded completely new and unique at the same time, a great personification of the band's story. It was dark and heavy with great songwriting and performances. They ultimately broke up shortly after the release of this record, releasing two more 7"s posthumously. While they never became as popular as they might have deserved, the records, especially Rest In Peace, have become necessary listening for any serious NYHC fan. This original Icemen shirt, lightly worn in great condition, is from the band's 1991 7" Rest In Peace

Dimensions: 22.25" Wide by 27.50" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country Of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom