Vintage The Dead Milkmen "Cow" T-Shirt (XXL)

The Dead Milkmen are a punk band from Philadelphia, PA formed in 1983, during the earliest era of US hardcore. The band was not really hard, though. They took the music seriously, but they wrote satirical lyrics and sang it sillily. People liked it though, and they kept playing through the underground until they broke through slightly to the mainstream. They had videos on MTV and everything. Then, after touring regularly and releasing eight records, the band broke up in 1995. Since then, though, they've gotten back together twice and have stayed active since their second reunion in 2008, even releasing new music. This original Dead Milkmen shirt with single stitching on the bottom, in good condition with some discoloration on the back of the shirt, features the band's iconic cow logo. 

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 30" Long 

Tag Size: XXL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Screen Stars