Vintage The Bomb “Hip-Hop Magazine” Issue #38 1995

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The Bomb was a rap fanzine from California founded in 1991. From The Bomb's website

If one was to trace the roots of Bay Area hip-hop the common thread would be the legendary Bomb magazine created by Bay Area dj David Paul in 1991. The black & white 'zine focuses on all four elements (djing, mcing, graffiti, breakin') of the hip-hop culture on the local, national and international level. The caliber of writers that wrote for the Bomb during it's existence (1991-1996) was extraordinary, writers like Funken-Klein (R.I.P.), Billy Jam, Spence Dookey, Cheo Coker, Jazzbo, Faisal Ahmed, Dave Tompkins, DJ Shadow, Kutmasta Kurt and many others who have all wrote or are currently writing for major publications or have moved on to other fields of the music industry. At that time there were very few other hip-hop publications and the large ones didn't really cover independent or new groups so the publication was well received by hip-hop fans throughout the world.

Issue #38 features interview with The Roots, Lords Of The Underground, Above The Law, and more. This original copy of The Bomb is in great condition with minor staple rust.

8.25” Wide by 11” Long