Vintage The Beatles "Candle Stick Park 1987" Ringer Shirt

The Beatles were founded in 1960 in Liverpool, England. Originally formed as a skiffle band called the Quarrymen, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr first made it big in 62 with the release of the song "Love Me Do." The band continued making singles and became the most popular band in the world. They made movies and began touring, taking Beatlemania worldwide. As playing live became near impossible due to their size and the poor infrastructure for massive shows, the Beatles decided to stop performing and instead focus on the writing and recording of albums. It was in this era that the band created some of their most well-loved songs and albums, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandRubber SoulThe White Album, and more. In total, they recorded 13 studio albums before they broke up in 1970. All members went on to pursue successful solo careers, but it was The Beatles that changed the world. This vintage Beatles ringer, in excellent condition with no major flaws and single stitching on the bottom, celebrates the 21st anniversary of their last ever live show at Candle Stick Park in 1966. 

Dimensions: 19 " Wide by 26" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Fabric Made in U.S.A., Sewn in Jamaica

Brand: Hanes