Vintage Stussy "Large And In Charge" T-Shirt

The clothing brand Stüssy was launched in the early 1980s. Founder Shawn Stussy made surfboards and initially took the logo he was putting on his boards and put them on shirts, hats, and shorts. The company quickly grew and began manufacturing all sorts of clothing. They opened stores in New York and Europe by the late 80s. Since then, the brand has been adopted by surfers, skaters, rappers, punks, and more. You name the subculture and someone there has rocked Stüssy. The brand is still active to this day with over 60 shops across the world. This vintage Stüssy shirt from the 90s is lightly worn and faded in great condition. 

Dimensions: 22.75" Wide by 28" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Stussy