Vintage Straight Edge "Drug Free" T-Shirt

"Straight Edge" is a song written by Minor Threat in 1981. The song talks about not drinking alcohol or smoking or using "a crutch." It was a personal statement but one that quickly became a philosophy. By the time the 1990s rolled around, straight edge was a singular idea with many interpretations. But one thing that was agreed upon was that it was a choice that you made, a personal decision that's only for yourself. And if it's something that you think is cool, what better way to show it than by displaying it on a vintage t-shirt with perfect 90s placement. This vintage straight edge shirt from the late 90s has signs of wear and fading. 

50% Cotton 50% Polyester 

Dimensions: 23.75" Wide by 28.50" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in El Salvador

Brand: FOTL Best