Vintage Stop And Think "Boston Straight Edge" T-Shirt

Stop And Think were a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA. The band started in 2001, a liminal time in the scene. The youth crew revival and metal core bands of the 90s were over and some new groups were all staking their claim on the new era. Right Brigade's abrasive NYHC stylings gave way to American Nightmare which brought in emotional and artistic lyricism, and the scene kind of ran with it. SNT were not that, though. They were proto-Lockin Out, pulling from more moshably obscure NYHC (Outburst) and putting a serious and well-thought-out message on top of it but still not taking themselves too seriously. The band made fact sheets and released two demos and broke up the following year, getting back together to play Mental's And You Know This and Planet Mental record release shows, as well as National Edge Day 2015. Members have gone on to run Gratitude Fanzine and play in such bands as Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, Sex Positions, and more. This original Stop And Think two-sided shirt, nicely worn in and faded with discoloration in the pit area, features an eagle drawn by Josh P of Rampage. 

Dimensions: 19" Wide by 26" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in El Salvador

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom