Vintage Stewie "Where's My Money" Wall Street T-Shirt

Wall Street is a purposefully confusing and standoffish place. They have people in there, dressed like they're going to church on a yacht, buying and selling. Sometimes we put our money into their hands to try to make some money ourselves. Sometimes that money just disappears and we wonder, "Where's my money?" Well, it turns out that Stewie, that smart baby from Family Guy, actually has all the money. He gamed the system. And, honesty, we can't even be mad. Because 1. he's funny and 2. he looks cool. The early 2000s shirt, in excellent condition, features a great illustration of Family Guy's Stewie winning at Wall Street.  

Dimensions: 22.75" Wide by 29" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Bangladesh

Brand: Cotton Heritage