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Vintage Spacemen 3 "Recurring" Long Sleeve Shirt

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Spacemen 3 were a rock band from Warwickshire, England. The band, which notably featured guitarists Sonic Boom and J Spaceman, was founded in 1982 and spent the next decade crafting a new psychedelic sound. Boom and Spacemen were open about their drug use which influenced the band's atmospheric and long-winded songs, but gone were the days of intricate chords and meandering pentatonic solos. Instead, Spacemen 3 played a loud and distorted rock n roll. Though they only released four albums, the band was and important and well-loved band, having all their records chart on the UK Indie Charts. Their third album Playing With Fire, released in 1989 on the Fire label, went all the way to #1. They eventually broke up in 1991. J Spaceman, whose real name is Jason Pierce, went on to form Spiritualized. This original 90s Spacemen 3 long sleeve, in great condition, is a rare and exciting piece of merch from the English band. 

Dimensions: 21.25" Wide by 26" Long 

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