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Vintage Slayer "Hell Awaits" T-Shirt

Slayer were a heavy metal band from Huntington Park, CA founded in 1981. The band played a chaotic and aggressive form of thrash and were included in the Big Four alongside Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth. They achieved mainstream popularity with their 1986 Def Jam debut Reign In Blood. The band, which consisted of guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, bassist Tom Araya, and drummer Dave Lombardo, ultimately released 12 albums before they broke up in 2019. In 1985, they released their sophomore album Hell Awaits on Metal Blade Records. The album has since sold over a million copies worldwide. This original Slayer shirt from 1991, nicely worn and faded, references the band's monumental second album Hell Awaits

Dimensions: 23.75" Wide by 24.50" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Brockum