Vintage Slash Magazine "John Denney" Volume 1, Issue 2

Slash was a punk fanzine from Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 1970, the zine was largely responsible for most people's first glimpses at the then-burgeoning LA punk scene. But of course they didn't just cover punk. They ran the magazine for three years, until 1980, creating just shy of 30 issues before ceasing production. Slash also founded a label, Slash Records, out of the magazine and went on to release records from bands like Germs, X, Fear, and many more. This issue of Slash, volume one issue two, features interviews with Weirdos and Screamers as well as album reviews, a writeup on Deaf School, and an original Gary Panter comic. This original copy Slash is in great condition with yellowing, a vertical crease fold, and light surface wear. 

Dimensions: 11.5" Wide by 14.75" Long 

Page Count: 22

Editors: Claude Bessy, Philomena, Melanie Nissen, and Steven Samiof

From: Los Angeles, CA

Year: 1977

Binding: Unbound