Vintage Santa Monica Airlines "NATAS" Cut Shirt

Santa Monica Airlines is a skateboard company. The brand was founded in 1978 by Skip Engblom, one of the founders of the legendary surf shop turned skate team Jeff Ho Surfboard And Zephyr Productions. SMA was founded in an era of consistent skate evolution. Skaters were just leaving  the pools and getting into the parks, and some people were leaving the parks for the streets. Skip built a team that encapsulated all of that, from pool skaters like Z-Boy Jay Adams to vert skaters like Eddie Hadvina to original street skaters like Natas Kaupus and Julien Stranger. Santa Monica Airlines is still going to this day, producing world class skateboards for world class skateboarders. This original Santa Monica Airlines shirt with cut sides features one of the most famous Natas Kaupus graphics of all time. 

Dimensions: 15.25" Wide by 25" Long 

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