Vintage Samhain "Unholy Passion" Plan 9 T-Shirt

After the breakup of the Misfits in 1983, singer Glen Danzig formed a new band. He called the band Samhain after the ancient Gaelic pre-Halloween holiday and originally featured Lyle Preslar and Brian Baker from Minor Threat as well as Misfits' bassist Eerie Von. They released two EPs, Initium and Unholy Passions, as well as an LP, November Coming Fire, on Danzig's Plan 9 Records before Rick Ruben scouted the band and formed Danzig, the band named after its singer, which continued to use Samhain's skull logo and font. They ended up releasing another LP posthumously entitled Final Descent and reunited sporadically starting in 1999. This vintage cream-colored Samhain shirt, worn in and faded, features the art from the band's Unholy Passion EP. 

Dimensions: 21.50" Wide by 29.50" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: N/A

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