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Vintage Samhain "Mabuhay Gardens" Poster

Huge promotional poster made for Samhain's show at the Mabuhay Gardens on May 11th, 1985 in San Francisco, CA. They played with the Fastbacks and there is a live set floating around out there, audio quality not so great but like...what does that matter? Link below for people that need everything delivered to them immediately like us. Not entirely sure if this poster was made to advertise the show in 85 or if it was made after the fact in the late 80s/early 90s just as a dope piece of art to hang on walls and celebrate great music. Either way, Samhain imagery is sinister and timeless and there is no better way to let people know where your heart is at than displaying this bad boy. This is the type of artifact you display, not hide away so obviously edges and corners are beat to shit, some rips and tears here and there, you know the deal. Nothing this cool is gonna survive a few decades without some wear. If some pinholes are gonna upset you then take a hike.

Dimensions: 40" Wide by 60" Long