Vintage RZL DZL "Both" Lockin' Out T-Shirt

RZL DZL are a hardcore band from Detroit, MI founded in 2004. The band released a demo before signing to Lockin' Out Records where they fit right in, with their sense of humor and mosh parts inspired by late 80s NYHC. They released a few 7"s and an LP Strictly Saucers, all while playing sporadically. RZL DZL toured with various lineups and never really broke up but they haven't been active since the late 2000s. Members also played in such bands as Cold World, Build And Destroy, and Violent Minds. This original RZL DZL shirt is in great condition. 

Dimensions: 19.5" Wide by 24.5" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in Honduras

Brand: Jerzees