Vintage Rodney King "No Justice" L.A. Riots T-Shirt

On March 3, 1991, Rodney King was beaten by police. His facial bone was fractured, his ankle broken, and he had multiple bruises and lacerations. The savage brutality was captured on film and the violence was subsequently seen by the entire nation. Four police officers were charged with assault and excessive force. However, despite the obvious evidence, all were acquitted in April of 1992. Protests erupted afterwards all across Los Angeles and lasted for six days. King condoned the actions of people who damaged businesses and other people, stating, "Can we get along?" The Rodney king case re-ignited the national conversation around race and civil rights in America and the world at large. This vintage Rodney King shirt, lightly worn and faded, is a sad reminder that Rodney King didn't get any justice. Fits like a small but please refer to our measurements for exact sizing. 

Dimensions: 21.25" Wide by 23" Long 

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