Vintage Rites Of Spring "Flower" T-Shirt

Rites Of Spring were a hardcore band from Washington, DC founded in 1984. The band, which consisted of Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty, Michael Fellows, and Eddie Janney, were founded after the initial wave of harDCore bands kind of fell apart. While it was only one year after the break up of bands like Minor Threat and Faith, the scene was entirely different. The hardcore scene had become more violent and nihilistic. Rites Of Spring and friends formed in opposition to that idea, what would come to be known as the Revolution Summer. They were hardcore in the original sense, rebellious and chaotic and intentionally challenging norms, although their music didn't sound like early USHC. Their songs had a sense of melody bursting through them, the lyrics were poetic and emotional, and, perhaps most of all, their performances were otherworldly. The band was known for their live sets in which they smashed guitars and broke equipment. They ended up recording an LP, End On End, which was released by Dischord in 1985 and another 7", All Through A Life, which was released posthumously in 1987. Rites of Spring split up in 1986, with members going on to play in Happy Go Licky, One Last Wish, and, of course, Fugazi. This original Rites Of Spring shirt, lightly discolored with marks and spots throughout, is a rare tee from the important Washington, DC hardcore band. 

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 25" Long 

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