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Vintage Righteous Jams "Are In Your Face" T-Shirt

Righteous Jams were a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA formed in 2003 from the remnants of the short-lived Invasion. RJs played a style of hardcore that was informed by the groove of more obscure late 80s New York hardcore, what some people would call Democore now, but, like other bands on Lockin' Out, were also interested in a more contemporary aesthetic. The band would almost always feature at least one person with cut off sleeves and people skanking real low. Featuring members of Stop & Think, Mental, and Obliteration, Righteous Jams released a demo and two 12"s, Rage Of Discipline and Business As Usual, both released on Lockin' Out. This original Righteous Jams shirt is in great condition with light fading and wear. 

Dimensions: 20.25" Wide by 25" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in Honduras

Brand: Anvil