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Vintage Revelation Records Shelter "Perfection Of Desire" Promotional Poster

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Shortly after Youth Of Today broke up, singer Ray Cappo started a new band. Centering it around his newfound Krishna consciousness, the band was as philosophical as they were hard. They released their debut 7" in 1990 on Ray's new Equal Vision Records and followed it up with  Perfection Of Desire, their debut album, in the same year. For the LP, Ray returned once again to Revelation Records. The band's lineup had completely changed from the 7" to Tom Capone from Beyond and Bold and three members from 76% Uncertain. Shelter recorded the LP at the famous Connecticut venue The Anthrax. Perfection Of Desire jumpstarted the band's career which has lasted into the current day. While religion in hardcore was and is controversial, there's no denying that when you see Ray Of Today mosh you have no choice but to do the same yourself. This original Shelter poster, originally folded in great condition with no pinholes or surface marks, is a promotional item for the band's debut 1990 LP Perfection Of Desire

Dimensions: 18" Long by 27" Wide