Vintage Project X "Schism Records" NYC Straight Edge T-Shirt

Project X were a straight edge hardcore band from New York City. The band formed as a side project by some of the scene's most prominent figures, but they wanted to keep their identities a secret. So there was Slam on vocals, Kid Hard on guitars, ND on bass, and The Youth on drums. But in reality, it was Porcell, Al Brown, Walter, and Sammy Siegler. They recorded one 7", Straight Edge Revenge, and released it on Porcell and Alex's label, Schism. The five songs were, as you can tell by the title, very straight edge and also addressed important current events of the scene, such as CBGB's infamous banning of hardcore. The 7" was included in issues of Schism Issue #7. The band played a few shows but quickly broke up as members were busy with other bands like Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits. This original Project X shirt, which was altered to a smaller size, is in great condition. Fits like a medium due to alteration, please refer to our measurements for exact sizing. 

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 23" Long 

Tag Size: Tailored to a medium

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Miller