Vintage Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" T-Shirt

Pantera, the legendary Texas metal band, released The Great Southern Trendkill in 1996. It was their eighth album. The band had already established themselves as one of the best and most unique metal bands out there, combining elements of many different styles with an overall chaos and anger to create something that resonated with fans everywhere. Trendkill clearly resonated with fans and the greater public, as it went to #4 on the Billboard chart. The record was even nominated for multiple Grammys. As you would except, Pantera hit the road in support of their album, bringing the new songs to their fans across the world. This original Pantera shirt, nicely faded and worn with a quarter-sized hole near the armpit, is from their 1997 tour in support of The Great Southern Trendkill

Dimensions: 23.75" Wide by 28" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: Winterland