Vintage Pac-Man "I Got Packs For Sale" T-Shirt

Pac-Man debuted in 1980 as an arcade game. Designed by Namco, it was one of the most popular video games upon release and is still regarded as one of the best of all time. It has inspired television shows, songs, and has been extremely influential on culture at large. The Pac-Man depicted on this shirt is slightly different though. It has eyebrows, a grill, and nostrils.  It looks more like a yellow Chain Chomp than Pacman, honestly. Regardless, there are still three lives left on the game so you can still get a high score. This vintage Pac-Man shirt, deadstock in excellent condition, has packs for sale. 

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 28.25" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in Honduras

Brand: S & B