Vintage Ozzy Osbourne "Speak Of The Devil" Tour T-Shirt

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Ozzy Osbourne released Speak Of The Devil in 1982. The record was a live album of Ozzy's solo band playing all Black Sabbath songs. The album was contentious as Randy Rhodes and crew felt it was a step backwards. Sadly Rhodes died in a plane crash before the recording took place. He was replaced by Brad Gillis. The record was followed up by 1983's Bark At The Moon, with Jake E. Lee on guitar. This vintage Ozzy Osbourne tour shirt, nicely worn and faded, is from his 1984 US tour and features a reference to his 1982 live album Speak Of The Devil

Dimensions: 16.75" Wide by 21.50" Long 

Tag Size: S

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Hanes