Vintage Overkill "We Don't Care" T-Shirt

Overkill are a trash metal band from New Jersey. They were founded in 1980 but didn't really come into their own until a few years later. Their formation actually predates the majority of American trash metal bands that broke through to the mainstream, but Overkill have continued playing ever since their founding releasing over a dozen albums while touring the world. While they have had many lineup changes over their decades' long career, they have always been led by bassist D.D. Verni and singer Blitz Ellsworth. This vintage three-sided Overkill shirt, in excellent condition with no signs of wear, says that you are uninfluenced by other's, that you don't care what others say. 

Dimensions: 19.25" Wide by 24.75" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in Brazil

Brand: Tee Haus