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Vintage Oi Polloi Police Bastard "On Tour" Red Rossetten Records Poster

Oi Polloi are a punk band from Scotland. Police Bastard are a punk hardcore band from England founded by members of Doom and Contempt. Both bands had a relationship with Red Rossetten Records, the German punk label. Red Rossetten had released a live albums Contempt and Oi Polloi, and so the label brought both bands to Germany for a tour. To advertise the tour, Red Rossetten made this poster which featured the same art from Contempt's Live In Hagen CD, with a picture of the Queen picking her nose, and just changed the type to advertise Police Bastard. This original Oi Polloi and Police Bastard poster, in excellent condition with minor creasing and corner pinholes, is from the bands' German tour. 

Dimensions: 17" Wide by 24" Long