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Vintage Offspring Quicksand No Use For A Name "Will Rogers Exhibits Hall" Bolton 1995 Screenprinted Poster

The Offspring had been a band for a decade before releasing Smash, their third album. They had helped establish the Southern California punk sound. And while they continued and furthered that sound, it went much further than SoCal. Smash, which was released by Epitaph Records, went to sell over ten million records worldwide, which made it the best selling independent release of all time. And so what do you do when you sell millions of records and make a massively successful record? You tour, that's what you do. Offspring took off in 1994 and 1995 and played everywhere they could. They linked up with metallica hardcore legends Quicksand for some shows in 1995 as well. This original Offspring screenprinted poster, in great condition with some storage wear, is from their show March 16th with Quicksand and No Use For A Name. 


Dimensions: 19" Wide by 26" Long